Companies turn to CLS

Companies turn to CLS to help them with their “greenfield” startups. We have a talented team of global professionals with extensive experience in managing these large-scale projects, strong skills in plant layout and construction, and deep expertise in industrial engineering to drive operational excellence. Our team also intimately understands the local environment in which the facility will be built—in Mainland China—we help our clients navigate unfamiliar cultures, laws, regulations, taxes, and other business requirements that can heavily influence the success of the project.

Building out a new facility—whether just down the road, in a different state, or another country—is far from simple. The process has many moving parts and requires experience and capabilities that typically aren’t found in most companies. The fact is that while companies have skilled professionals running their operations, most—especially those in the middle market—don’t have in-house experience setting up greenfield facilities in new markets. There’s a fundamental difference between running a business and starting up a new plant, and its also important to make sure that day to day operational matters are being addressed and the current management has limited distractions from day to day responsibilities.