Turning Cost Center to Profit Center. CLS will make it happen.

China faces new challenges as economic growth slows, wages and other factor costs rise, value chains become more complex, and consumers grow more sophisticated and demanding.
Once the business case for the facility is confirmed, we work with the company through the entire development process: from choosing the site and designing the physical plant to developing the supporting operational capabilities, managing the relevant legal and financial requirements, and preparing the facility for its first production run. The ultimate goal is to help ensure that, when launched, the facility will be well-equipped to achieve its operational and financial targets and the startup process goes smoothly, and stays within budget and timing constraint.

360 Degree CLS Sourcing and Sales Service

Shortlisting a supplier may be your primary objective, but without quality control and import cost management systems in place at the outset, your project will face many challenges, and your import success could be placed in jeopardy. You could lose precious time AND money.

We designed our 360 Degree Sourcing Service to help guide, counsel, and protect you in these areas.
It’s our most complete, all-encompassing sourcing service. It takes you systematically from sourcing a supplier all the way through to managing customs clearance and logistics – and addresses all the critical points in the process.
When you use our 360 Degree Sourcing Service, you can focus your efforts on marketing your business, your core expertise, and leave your sourcing & supply chain management, our core expertise, to us.